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1.1. Validity

The present terms and conditions  shall be valid to the contracts of purchase and sale concluded between the Seller and the person who orders the products (hereinafter referred to as "Customer" or "Buyer") for the goods ordered from the web page of Weebitark OÜ, (hereinafter referred to as "Seller" or "") during the term of the present conditions. The present redaction of ordering conditions shall be effective from 03.01.2011. until the next redaction of the conditions of ordering from the Internet catalogue of is published on the web page of

1.2. Entry into force of the contract

The Customer's order shall be generally considered as an offer to conclude a contract of purchase and sale for the ordered goods in the context of the Law of Obligations Act. shall not be liable to inform the Customer about accepting the order. shall be deemed to have agreed with order when they begin executing the order. If the Customer has provided their e-mail address to, the invoice shall be sent to them electronically as an order confirmation.

1.3. Executing the order shall start execution of an order when the payment is received on the bank account of If the payment is received at 9:00 at the latest, the goods shall be handed over to a courier on the same working day. Orders placed after 9:00 shall be handed over to a courier for the delivery on the next working day.

If there is a note "Out of stock" next to a product, we have run out of the product. In such occasion you can inform us about your wish and we will contact you when we have information about the delivery time of the product or when the product has arrived in our stock.

1.4. Prices and method of payment

The prices of the goods on the web page of shall be in euros and include the value-added tax (VAT) of the Republic of Estonia (20%). 

Some articles with varied characteristics (for example size and color) shall have different prices and the final amount shall be displayed when the suitable characteristic is chosen.

Shipping cost according to the price list of courier deliveries shall be added to the orders below the amount of 120,00 €. Cost of delivery shall not be added to the orders of 120,00 € and above if the Customer is a registered member of the environment and uses his/her account for placing the order (EE delivery only).

1.4.1 The goods can be paid for immediately after placing the order using the banklink to Swedbank, Danske Bank or SEB. MAKE SURE you press the button "Return to the Vendor" after making the payment.

1.4.2 The goods can also be paid for with a transfer based on an invoice. The invoice shall be sent to the Customer's e-mail after the order is placed, it can also be viewed under the orders after logging in as a user. The payment term of the invoice is 3 days.

If 3 days have passed since receiving an order but the payment has not been received on the bank account of, the reservation of the goods in the order shall be cancelled and shall not guarantee the existence of the products in the stock if the payment is received later.


1.5. Delivery of  the goods

The ordered goods shall be delivered with courier service by Eesti Post AS. 

1.5.1 The orders placed and paid for before 09:00 shall be delivered within the next five days (except weekends or public holidays). The orders placed and paid for after 09:00 shall be delivered within the next six days (except weekends or public holidays). A courier shall call the client and propose the time for delivering the goods from Monday to Friday between 8:00-20:00. The time of delivery shall vary due to the options of delivery of the destination.

1.5.2 In case of willing to change delivery address of confirmed order: Inside county extra shipping fee is 3.78 €, outside regions by pricelist of shipping company. Shipping company will send invoice for extra fee to costumer. Invoice must be processed before marked deadline.

1.6. The Customer's right to withdraw the order

1.6.1 The Customer shall have the right to cancel a contract of purchase and sale concluded on the basis of an order within 14 days after the ordered goods are delivered to the Customer. In order to cancel the contract and inform about the wish to return the goods the Customer must enter the web page and act as follows:


Enter your user name and password to access your account On the page of your account choose the menu "My orders" Then find the order with which the goods to be returned were purchased and click on   the link "No.0000.." In the window that opens tick the products to be returned Then write the reason of returning into the window below and the application to have the money returned to your bank account  You can check the status of the return in the menu "My returns", at first the status is "Expecting confirmation of the return" When the status changes to "Expecting the dispatch" in the menu " My returns", a return invoice appears at the end of the row Print the invoice and add it to the goods to be returned Then take the goods in the original package with all the markings to the nearest post office Address the package as follows: WEEBITARK OÜ Liivalao 4, 11216,  Tallinn


The returned goods must not have been used and must be in an unopened original package.

If the returned goods or the package are damaged, the Customer must compensate the decrease in the value of the goods. The returned goods must be packed in a postal package, i.e. there can be no postal stickers or labels on the package of the product.

When has accepted the return, credit in the amount of the returned goods shall automatically appear in the menu "My vouchers" for the Customer, for which the Customer can purchase other goods from the Internet mall of The appearance of credit shall not exclude the Customer's option to reconsider later and ask for the money to be transferred to their account or if the Customer has indicated their wish to have the money returned to their account when returning the goods, the payments made by the Customer for the order shall be returned by the Seller to the bank account cited by the Customer within 14 days after receiving the notice. Cost of delivery shall not be refunded.

1.6.2 If the Customer wishes to return the product for which he paid with a credit card, then to get money for returned merchandise, Customer must contact the bank that issued him a credit card for further information.

 1.7. The right of to cancel the contract has the right to cancel a contract of purchase and sale concluded on the basis of an order if the stocks of the corresponding goods are depleted. The Customer shall be informed about this by e-mail in the earliest convenience. In such case the prepayments made by the Customer shall be refunded to the bank account cited by the Customer immediately within 3 working days at the latest.

1.8. Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions deriving from the legislation of the Republic of Estonia shall apply to all goods. In the appearance of deficiencies the Customer shall have the right to request the reparation of the goods free of charge. If the deficiency cannot be eliminated despite repeated repairs, the Customer shall have the right to request replacement of the goods; if the goods cannot be replaced, the Customer shall have the right to cancel the contract. The warranty shall not apply if the deficiency is caused by the incorrect exploitation or normal detrition of the goods. The basis of warranty shall be original invoice received with the goods.

1.9. Collection, use and protection of personal data

The personal data of the Customer received in course of the visits to the internet mall of and the purchases shall be handled confidentially. shall have the right to collect the personal data given to by the Customer and reveal the data to third parties if it is necessary for executing an order. shall also have the right to use the personal data of a Customer in their business activities for sending advertisements and information to the Customer. 

The Customer shall have the right to ban the collection and use of their personal data at any time, except in case it is necessary for claiming a claim arising from the contract or executing the contract. shall not reveal the data given to by the Customer to the persons not connected to executing an order, except in the cases prescribed by law.

1.9.1 The security of the bank links used to pay for the goods shall be ensured by an encrypted data communication channel, the personal data and bank requisites cannot be accessed by third parties during the transfer.

1.9.2 To pay by credit card in the webshop, the solution proposed by Card Center - "E-Commerce Payment Gateway" is used, which is intended for Web permissions (online stores or for other offers e-services) for the safe, convenient and simple maintenance card payments. At the time of payment the introduction of payment card data Purchaser to the database server is done, the Card Centre, data is also stored on the server Card Centre. To ensure the security of data transmission between the buyer and E-Commerce Payment Gateway, 128-bit kripter (SSL-Secure Socket Layer Protective protocol) is used and data transmitted between the Buyer and the Payment Gateway is, signed electronically, eliminating the possibility of eavesdropping and data modification by third parties. The seller has access only to records of card transactions, but there is no access to the full card number. For more information about the security of data used in the payment card can be read on the home page of  the Bank Card Center.


1.10. Restriction of liability shall only be liable for the damage caused by gross negligence or intent. shall not be liable for the potential misprints. The pictures shown in the internet mall of shall be of illustrative nature and may be different from the actual product. The prices, texts and information about the availability of the goods may change without prior notice. shall not be liable for the services of courier companies.


The Estonian law shall apply to these ordering conditions and the contracts of purchase and sale of Should any provision of ordering conditions be null and void, it shall not affect the rest of the ordering conditions or the validity of the contract of purchase and sale. The null and void provision shall be replaced with a lawful provision which is legally and economically closest to the null and void provision.


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